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West Hawaii Astronomy Club

Keck Observatory
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France Canada Telescope of Hawaii

The West Hawaii Astronomy Club is an independent astronomy club on the Big Island of Hawaii.   Our club is open to anyone who shares our enthusiasm about Astronomy, observing the night sky and the space program whether you live on the Big Island of Hawaii, or elsewhere.

The field of Astronomy covers physics, chemistry, math, optics, art, and philosophy.   While some of our members are professional astronomers and engineers with ties to the W. M. Keck Observatory and the Canada France Hawaii Telescope, others have no particular expertise, but just are enthusiastic about Astronomy .   Our members enjoy observing the night sky and  socializing with other people who have a passion for the hobby.

We meet on the second Tuesday of every month at the Keck Observatory conference room in Waimea.  Our meetings begin at 6:00 p.m. HST and are currently transmitted by Zoom. 

Our Vision is to meet regularly including by Zoom, socialize, discuss the wonders of the cosmos, hold observing sessions, and generally promote the advancement of the hobby of astronomy in Hawaii.  

Who are we?

  • We unofficially call ourselves “WHACos”.

  • We are fortunate to be able to observe under very dark sky conditions.

  • Our club discussions are  by email user group and a Facebook group.  

  • Our club members run the range of experience from little, to advanced/semi-professional astronomers.

  • Club members have a wide variety of equipment including refractors, Schmidt-Cassegrian and dobsonian telescopes, some as large as 20-24 inch in aperture. 

  • Membership is open to anyone with an interest in the hobby of Astronomy .  You don't need to own a telescope to join, but hope you'll eventually desire to find a dark sky with us and at least look for yourself in an eyepiece.   You might eventually dazzle us with beautiful photos of the heavens.  


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Shadow the Scientists


From October to December watch Astronomers working with Keck 2.  You can see and follow what they see and do on zoom.  Follow this link or click on the photo for registration and information.

Shadow the Scientists (


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