West Hawaii Astronomy Club

Club Meeting on Second Tuesday of Every Month at 6:00 p.m. HST by Zoom and when in person meetings resume, in Waimea at Keck.
Next New Moon is January 2
James Webb Space Telescope Party at Keck   October 30, 2021
Annular Solar Eclipse in USA October 14, 2023
Solar Eclipse 2023.jpg
Total Solar Eclipse in USA April 8, 2024
Total Ecipse.JPG

Club Meetings for 2021

April 13 - WHAC Future Activities Planning


May 11 - Guest Speaker will be Keck Astronomer Dr. Rosalie McGurk speaking about "A New Tool to Map Entire Galaxies”


June 8 -  Dr. Karen Meech on ‘Omuamua'


July 13 -  Dr. Michael Lundquist (topic TBD)

August 10 - Michael Zeilnhofer on "Impact Cratering on Ceres."


September 14 - Club Discussions

October 12 - Maureen and Josh about JWST


November 9 - Dr. Olivier Guyon on Extreme Adaptive Optics


December 14 -  Wilfred Gee about Project PANOPTES

January 11 - Josh Walawender