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West Hawaii Astronomy Club

Club Meeting on Second Tuesday of Every Month at 6:00 p.m. HST by Zoom and when in person meetings resume, in Waimea at Keck.

Club Meetings for 2023

March 14 - Sonny Manley on Solar Astrophotography

April 11 - Dr. Christopher Hamilton on Volcanoes in the Solar System

Dr. Hamilton's research focuses on geological surface processes to better understand the evolution of the Earth and other planetary bodies. His specialty relates to volcanology and specifically to lava flows, magma-water interactions, and explosive eruptions using a combination of field observations, remote sensing, geospatial analysis, machine learning, and geophysical modeling. These topics provide insight into the evolution of planetary interiors, surfaces, and atmospheres through magma production, ascent, and volcanism.


August 8  - Professor Shane Byrne on “Exploring a dynamic Mars, one giant image at a time” 


November 14 -  Carl Zambuto, mirror maker and genius in a question and answer forum.

Club Meetings for 2022

January 11 - Josh Walawender 

February 8 -  Maureen will do What's Up and Lucy mission and JWST update; Josh will lead a general discussion about telescopes on Mauna Kea

April 12 - Bernt  Grundseth presentation about an expedition to the  astronomical observatory in Quito, and a trip to the Gallapagos Islands. 

June 14  - Dr. Greg Wirth presentation relating to the James Webb Space Telescope on  "What's so hard about phasing a telescope with just 18 segments?"

Club Meetings for 2021

May 11 - Guest Speaker will be Keck Astronomer Dr. Rosalie McGurk speaking about "A New Tool to Map Entire Galaxies”


June 8 -  Dr. Karen Meech on ‘Omuamua'


July 13 -  Dr. Michael Lundquist (topic TBD)

August 10 - Michael Zeilnhofer on "Impact Cratering on Ceres."

October 12 - Maureen and Josh about JWST

November 9 - Dr. Olivier Guyon on Extreme Adaptive Optics

December 14 -  Wilfred Gee about Project PANOPTES

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