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West Hawaii Astronomy Club

Club Meeting on Second Tuesday of Every Month at 6:00 p.m. HST by Zoom and when in person meetings resume, in Waimea at Keck.

Club Meetings for 2022

January 11 - Josh Walawender 

February 8 -  Maureen will do What's Up and Lucy mission and JWST update; Josh will lead a general discussion about telescopes on Mauna Kea

April 12 - Bernt  Grundseth presentation about an expedition to the  astronomical observatory in Quito, and a trip to the Gallapagos Islands. 

June 14  - Dr. Greg Wirth presentation relating to the James Webb Space Telescope on  "What's so hard about phasing a telescope with just 18 segments?"

Club Meetings for 2021

May 11 - Guest Speaker will be Keck Astronomer Dr. Rosalie McGurk speaking about "A New Tool to Map Entire Galaxies”


June 8 -  Dr. Karen Meech on ‘Omuamua'


July 13 -  Dr. Michael Lundquist (topic TBD)

August 10 - Michael Zeilnhofer on "Impact Cratering on Ceres."

October 12 - Maureen and Josh about JWST

November 9 - Dr. Olivier Guyon on Extreme Adaptive Optics

December 14 -  Wilfred Gee about Project PANOPTES

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